A Project That Changed My Life (3)

A Project That Changed My Life (3)

When facing large-scale projects, in addition to human resources, we must also consider the underlying technology for application development. Because the project had to start as soon as possible, we had to decide which technology stack we should implement. This must be able to meet user needs and be used by the entire team, which at the beginning, there were only four people, including me.

We could have used the latest technology; however, with limited resources and time, we did not have many options. The chosen technology stack must be understood by us, and there is no need for a long learning curve. In addition, it is also adequate to build an application, which is the goal of this project. Finally, we chose the CI4 framework for databases using the MS-SQL Server according to the existing databases. The choice of the CI4 framework is not the best choice, but Jack, as the future head of engineer, has made modifications to the standard framework and he is very good at it with Ar. Rachel, as a front-end developer, does not need to worry too much about the framework, but she goes deeper into the template that will be used for the project, namely Metronix.

In addition to the stack technology, for the project to be completed according to the goals, there must be Project Management. However, the most difficult problem in this case was the limitation of human resources. The basic principle of project management is that dividing the workload into teams cannot be fulfilled, particularly with more than 500 modules to be built. However, for the first stage, I analyzed and filtered the entire module and found that only 75% of the modules had to be built, while the rest were duplicates of the other modules.

After a detailed system analysis, with only three developers, we first started working on the most difficult modules. This is considering that if modules are difficult to complete first, then other modules with medium or light difficulty can be worked on by new developers that we will recruit.

In addition to system analysis, system design, estimates, and documentation, I also prepared the infrastructure that will be used in development, including installing Linux servers, while looking for potential developers that we will recruit. This workload is quite heavy, and I understand that we have no failed options for this large-scale project.