Build Reputation with The Help of AI?

Build Reputation with The Help of AI?

Building a reputation is often not an easy task. Because a person’s reputation is not built up just overnight, it takes a long time to focus on a particular area of expertise recognized by those in the same field.

However, sometimes there are people who do not realize the skills they have. This usually happens to practitioners, so they have trouble pouring their thoughts or skills into the form of writing or video explanations. Thus, although his reputation is well known in the team, it is not widely known.

Those who can describe their expertise in the form of writing or video receive benefits such as being invited to a talk show or even getting a privileged position in an organization or company.

How can we build our reputation? We can start by writing, even with sentences or uneven words, and then use AI tools, such as Paperpal, to refine it. Alternatively, you can also pour ideas in the form of short sentences, and then pour them in prompt form and let ChatGPT build writing for you. Next, you have to do the correction, and then use Synthesia to create interesting explanatory videos and post them on YouTube or other social media.

Thus, a few tips are provided to start building a reputation with the help of AI. Do not hesitate to use AI tools as long as you do not sample raw results generated by AI. For example, in this writing, I wrote it in Indonesian, then used Quillbot to translate it into English, and then I used Paperpal to improve grammar.

Therefore, in my opinion, the most important thing is that you stay original in terms of the idea and let AI fill it for you.